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“Hope’s Call” YOU ARE LOVED – Lyrics

Have you ever felt the Father’s love
As He holds you in His arms
    When you start to say I’m sorry
    He says you’ve done nothing wrong
        Have you failed to meet the standards
        that you thought you should attain

        Only to hear Him call your name, saying


You are loved beyond your failures
  You are loved beyond your past
   The hope that you’ve imagined
     Is now reality at last
       You are loved with no conditions
         You are loved with no remorse
            The scars of your forgiveness
              Are engraved upon the Lord
You are loved

                Have you seen your life be torn apart
            By things you could not help
        Until you finally reach the point
    Where you could only blame yourself
Have you laid your head to sleep
    And think you’ll always be alone
        Then waken to His voice calling you home, He says
Chorus repeat

Ad Lib Chorus

Written by: Matthew S. Garinger
Winding Way Music/ASCAP (a division of Daywind Music Publishing)
All rights reserved. Used by permission

Hope's call You are Loved

"One Solitary Life" at Sakshi  times

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